Hello bikers!

hello bikers
Hello Guys,

Welcome on my blog!

This is my first blog post on the site.

In this post I would like to share with you the 7 things you should do before ride a motorcycle!

If you are planning to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a license this post will be very helpful to you!

The process itself is a lot like getting a driver’s license. But as I remember I had my father with me in the car while I gained enough experience and routine to go alone.

In the case of motorcycling most of the people do not have any relative or friend at first who can teach them. With that in my mind I tried to collect the steps below.

1. You have to take a class: lot of people would tell you that if you can ride a dirt bike you will be okay on a motorcycle. It is not true. Like also what lot of people also tell you: just buy a motorbike and start to teach yourself by watching youtube videos. Also a really bad „advice”. Your best chance of getting real practice, make some friends and not getting killed is to take a class offered by a motorcycle foundation around your neighbourhood.

2. Buy a cheaper motobike at first: in the first 6 months while you try to gain some experience and routine your cycle probably will have a hard time… Even if it survives it is almost sure that you would not keep your first bike. As you will be much more confident you will want to get a better cycle than your first one. So why start with an expensive one?

3. Buy a good safety gear: safety gear is incredibly important = it can save your life. Contrary to your first cheaper motorbike your safety gear should be the best what you can afford.

4. Buy insurance: It is an obvious one look after online you will be found the cheapest one!

5. Get your license: It is the must needed part! 🙂

6. Register your motorbike

7. Take care!

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